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~George Moore

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Public Art

This lovely piece of art caught my eye while walking at school today. An original print by Hound Dog Press. Although I felt bad taking it, seeing as how it is advertising a wonderful festival, I could not resist. I was assured by the fact that there were several others, therefore people will still be made aware of the happenings at The Writer's Block Festival.

"The designers and printers of The Writer’s Block Festival posters, Hound Dog Press, have also provided the festival with a workshop to teach attendees the art of letterpress. Hound Dog will open their facilities, allowing registered attendees a chance to use their antique presses to make a keepsake of their very own. Along with the tutorial, the gracious hosts will also provide a historical perspective on the art form itself."

I found it quite ironic that in a sea of posters and advertisements in the Bingham Humanities building at the University of Louisville that this, of all things, caught my attention. Just last week I enrolled myself in one of the workshops they mention on this poster, in fact the letterpress workshop with Hound Dog Press. I have been religiously checking Hound Dog's websites for workshop since their last one in February that I could not attend. I could not be more excited to attend this workshop, especially after scoring this poster. I intend to find a nice frame for it and hang it in my room.

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