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~George Moore

Monday, September 19, 2011

Clarifying Concepts

While flipping through some paper making and book arts books, I stumbled upon a wonderful artist who stood out to me, Jody Alexander. She addresses paper in relation to book arts and paper independently in such unique ways.

I'm really enjoying making the paper I have been but I'm struggling slightly with taking it past simple producing paper. I'm brainstorming some ideas for presentation of the paper. This is what I'm thinking:
  • First series I'm making using linoleum cut outs to create different scenes. I intend to join these together as if they are a photo strip, or photo negatives.
  • The second series I'm creating using different things as inclusions. Some scraps of colored fabric, but also strips cut from a favorite book of mine. I would like to make some sort of book or installation with the colored fabric sheets. With the book sheets I want to frame a few of the best sheets side by side with the cover of the book and a few of the important pages i saved from the book. 
I'm hoping to draw some inspiration from the process and the way of dealing with the paper that Jody Alexander uses. 

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