"A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it."
~George Moore

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Julia Butterfly Hill

Last night in my paper making class, a friend of mine mentioned that following class she was attending a lecture by a woman who spent two years and eight days living in a tree. This immediately caught my attention and I was intrigued, so I attended the lecture with my friend.

We were greeted to the event by a wonderful duo called the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. 'Street performers who travel around encouraging revolution of the spirit and courage of the heart.'

Next we heard from several local folk sharing their efforts in making a difference. Including my high school homeroom teacher's husband Tim Darst. The two of them have reduced their impact on the environment in the last ten years by 90%.

Lastly we heard from the inspirational Julia Butterfly Hill. Julia spent 738 days in a redwood tree named Luna. Her action was to make the world aware of the clear-cutting that is happening in the forests and to stop it. She only came down from the tree once a negotiation was reached to permanently protect the forest. He efforts continue today to spread awareness and call one to action. She believes strongly that what is wrong with the world is the disease of disconnect. And that disconnect is among the biggest obstacles in life, which are mostly internal. Many of her beliefs and thoughts are resonating with me:
  • it is impossible to make no difference in the world; there is however the question of consciously or unconsciously making a difference
  • we must deal with problems and solutions with a spiritual perspective
  • we are ALL ONE without exception
  • our actions and our society, in order for change, are calling us to come together
  • the power of love is the fiercest task master
  • it's not that people who are extraordinary are not in any way ordinary, they are just unwilling to let their ordinariness stop them or hold them back
  • love demands us to be a better person than we thought we could ever be; bigger and better than we know ourselves to be
  • stay committed to finding the good in people
  • shifting aware can help heal the problems of the world
  •  how is it that we are so willing to clear cut each other when we have our own faults; wounds exist within ourselves first
  • inaction is just as important as action
  • change in climate calls for: community, loving fiercely in the face of fear, and creativity
  • turning anger into love yields fierce compassion; not that cynicism always escapes us
  • cynicism and hope are both simply a story, neither is true. What is true is right here, right now
  • judgment only kills, it cant ever bring life to anything
  • every moment of every day we are investing our lives into something; everything we do is an investment in something
  • we don't get to choose the beginning or end but we get to choose what is in between each bookend
  • crying is having the courage to care; put care into action
  • having courage is a badge of honor
  • don't wait until you know how to do something to get started
  • the way to the top of the mountain is one step at a time
  • don't let the fear of being one person and being unable to make a difference stop you
  • we are all here for a purpose, to make a difference, a unique role to play
  • all of who we are is 100% of who we are meant to be; embrace 100% of who we are
  • we never need to change but we may need to change focus
  • choose to have love call us into action
  • the need to consume comes from the idea that we need to fill a hole in our souls, and that consuming this particular thing is what you need.
  • we are the ancestors of our future
  • learn to be fully present in the moment
  • live not only to survive but also to thrive
  • every step in the actin is equally important as reaching the goal
  • no one is alone
  • distance between the heart and mind is 18 inches yet vast galaxies
  • there is something powerful in everyone calling to blossom
Things that I left questioning in my outlook on life:
  • what is my greatest need to restore connection?
  • what is my next greatness calling me to do, and who is it calling me to be?
  • what is my nest action? What is my heart calling me to do?
Something I would like to embrace but find a better way to handle:
  • my feeling that I do not need help, that I can do everything myself
  • Stubbornness
Something that I already longed for:
  • The desire to have a deeper purpose in life than making money. One may live more simply yet also more happy. (I would not be where I am today without already having discovered this)
  • Having a longing to be a positive contribution; inspire ourselves and those around us
  • thriving inner happiness

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