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Monday, April 2, 2012

NCECA 20th Annual Cup Sale

Description from NCECA website:
"Each year there is an impressive collection of cups donated by hundreds of artists, and people line up at the door for a chance to choose from their work. The cups range from those created for this special occasion by well-known artists—which can become true collectors’ pieces—to beautifully crafted work by professional potters, and always includes some very unique pieces by students who are officially making their “first sale” to help with the cause.
The cup sale supports the NCECA Fund for Artistic Development designed to provide opportunities for artistic growth through scholarships, residencies and programs including the Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship.  Each cup will be considered for a “Cups of Merit” Commission Award."

We stood in line on Friday at 8 am for the chance to participate in the cup sale. I bought a couple of the cups pictured above, several of them were already sold when we were admitted into the sale. 

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