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~George Moore

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Knitting Goal: Finish my Sweaters!

I'm working on two sweater simultaneously: the owl sweater and the Lobito Jacket. I've been working on the owl sweater for a while now and lost momentum. In attempt to regain that momentum, I decided to start another sweater(the lobito) with Noro Yarn, which always motivates me.

The Owl Sweater.
My Progress: Owl Sweater. Torso is finished and a sleeve is started. I have to finish both sleeves, then make the yoke.

The Lobito Jacket.
My Progress: Lobito Jacket. The Body is almost finished, soon I will start on the chest(the multicolor part in the picture). I'm debating on either using white as my second color or not using a second color at all.

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