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~George Moore

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last 3D Art Project :(

This class was my absolute favorite class in college so far. I am truly sad it is coming to an end. Through this class I found my art again. I have a new found love for fiber and knitting. The influence this class and the projects have had on the direction my art is going is irreplaceable. in the beginning I was completely set on going into ceramics, so much so that I was not open to any other art forms. I realized that there are a lot of other aspects of art I am interested in and that I would like to explore these forms before I make possibly the most decision of my life. What my future career will be. I have never been quite so unsure of what path I was gonna take, yet so secure in that feeling. I know that I want to follow my passion and my passion is art. As long as I stick to that I will be truly happen no matter where I end up. Whether it be here, New York, Florida, California, or even Spain. Who knows...

This being said, our last 3-D project was just finished. Our goal was to create 50 individual identical pieces that we were to join together. The challenge was the means of joining these pieces. We had to join them in their original form, if we were to take them apart there would be nothing left over. So no glue, tape or anything like that.

My piece was 50 little individual branches which I joined together to make a tree. I took pieces of medium grade wire and wound brown yarn around them, leaving a loop at one end nd a string at the other. Thus being the means of joining.

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